Managed IT

ACS is a Managed Services Provider (MSP). This means we provide our clients with a full range of Managed-IT services – everything from server administration and cloud-based back up and storage capabilities to comprehensive cybersecurity, disaster recovery, and 24-hour a day help-desk services seven days a week and 365 days a year.

This suite of services also includes providing you with strategic guidance on how to develop and implement a technology strategy – as well as how to integrate it into your long-term business, operational and budgeting plans.



Security Services

  • Al Antivirus
  • MFA Solutions
  • Pen Testing
  • Ransomware Protection

Disaster Recovery

  • Natural Events (Flood. Fire. Etc.)
  • Theft
  • Data Loss Prevention

Managed-IT Services

  • 24/7 Help Desk
  • Server Administration
  • Network Management

Cloud Services

  • Server Hosting
  • Email Hosting
  • Off-Side Back-Up

Anticipation and Planning

ACS also proactively engages with your organization to help you anticipate, plan for, and address challenges and issues relating to matters like the need to institute hardware and software upgrades – and respond to disasters that have the potential to bring your organization to a standstill.

Our Managed-IT clients receive all of this support from our team of technical experts – whose broad and varied skill sets are more comprehensive than most, smaller or mid-sized organizations can cost effectively replicate within their own internal IT departments.

What’s more, ACS provides these Managed-IT services and capabilities at a cost that is far below what your organization would pay to staff, build out, and maintain a comparable team of internal IT professionals.

Anticipation and Planning

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We worry about your IT needs so that you can focus on your bottom line.

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